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Spellbound - Psychobilly Punk de Irlande - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Psychobilly Punk de Irlande

Psychobilly/Rockabilly band Spellbound was formed in 1986 by brothers Frankie and Adrian Hayes, who came from Bray, Co Wicklow, 15 miles south of Dublin City.They recorded their first single for Raucous Records in the UK in 1987. Spellbound decided to head directly to mainland Europe, and recorded their 1988 debut album "Mystical Madness", which was never released in their home country. The band blazed a brief trail across the rockabilly and psychobilly festivals of Germany and Scandanavia before, it seemed, vanishing back into the Hellfire woods of County Wicklow. In 2003, with a resurgence in the European Psycho scene, Spellbound were once again performing at psychobilly festivals in Germany, Spain and Holland. 2005 saw the release of their second album "A Fistful Of Spells", followed by "Eleven Deadly Sins" in 2009. To date, Spellbound have brought their live performances to Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Prague, Estonia and the United Kingdom. In 2011 they released their fourth studio album "Stir It Up".

Membres du groupe :   Glen Carrigg, Simon Farrell, Gaz Marson, Lar Doyle, Frankie Hayes, Adrian Hayes

- Discographie -

9 albums

Spellbound - New Blood

New Blood

2017 - Irlande
Punk, Psychobilly, Rockabilly
Vinyle 12"11 Pistes
Not On Label (spellbound Self-released)

Spellbound - Legend Of The Past

Legend Of The Past

2016 - Irlande
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Earthquake Files

Spellbound - Write My Name On The Wall

Write My Name On The Wall

2016 - Irlande
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Diablo Records

Spellbound - Clash Of The Irresistible

Clash Of The Irresistible

2013 - Irlande
Psychobilly, Surf, Garage Rock
Vinyle, CD LP26 Pistes
Drunkabilly Records

Spellbound - Stir It Up

Stir It Up

2011 - Irlande
Vinyle 12"11 Pistes
Drunkabilly Records

Spellbound - Eleven Deadly Sins

Eleven Deadly Sins

2007 - Irlande
Album CD11 Pistes
Stompin Ground Records

Spellbound - A Fistful Of Spells

A Fistful Of Spells

2005 - Irlande
Album CD13 Pistes

Spellbound - Mystical Madness

Mystical Madness

1990 - Irlande
Vinyle 12"17 Pistes
Kix 4 U Records

Spellbound - Nightmares


1987 - Irlande
Vinyle 7"2 Pistes
Raucous Records

- Vidéos Spellbound -

22 Vidéos


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  Spellbound - Stir It Up - 2011 (Irlande) - Psychobilly

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