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Skaparàpid - Ska Punk d'Espagne' - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Ska Punk d'Espagne'

Skaparàpid are a ska/rock/punk band from Valencia, Spain, that started in October 1993. They are considered one of the pioneering bands of rock in Valencian of the 90's with bands like Ki Sap or Opening Step.
They were active beetween 1993 and 2007, but have reformed in 2018, releasing a compilation with 20 remastered songs selected through popular vote from the fans, and started playing live again.

- Discographie -

6 albums

Ska Parapid - Revolta


2018 - Espagne
Punk, Ska
Album CD20 Pistes
Maldito Records

Ska Parapid - Ací Estem

Ací Estem

2003 - Espagne
Punk, Ska
Album CD18 Pistes
Potencial Hardcore, El Lokal, Anti-corpos D.i...

Ska Parapid - El Cuento De Nunca Acabar

El Cuento De Nunca Acabar

1999 - Espagne
Punk, Ska, Oi
Album CD14 Pistes
Tralla Records

Ska Parapid - Provincias


1996 - Espagne
Vinyle 7"3 Pistes
Capità Swing

Ska Parapid - Que Empiece Ya!

Que Empiece Ya!

1996 - Espagne
Album CD12 Pistes
Capità Swing

Ska Parapid - Skaparàpid


1995 - Espagne
Cassette Album12 Pistes


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  Ska Parapid - Provincias EP (Espagne) Ska - Ska Punk
  Skaparapid - Que Empiece Ya![       3
  Skaparapid - Skaparapid       1

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