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Manovalanza - Punk Ska de Italie - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Ska de Italie formé en 2006

Manovalanza is an italian skacore band formed in 2006. In 10 years of activity the band released two full lenght album self-producted and played more than 180 shows. Manovalanza also opened for some famous italian ska-punk bands like Statuto, Matrioska, Meganoidi, Los Fastidios, Casino Royal and Coska. In 2009 the band released an EP titled "Fra Poggi e Castagni" with four tracks. The first full-album of the band is titled "Anziani a vent'anni", released in 2011. The second Manovalanza's full-lenght album, titled "Tutto Contro", has been released in october 2013.
In 2014 Manovalanza pubished a 4 bands split album, in collaboration with the mexican bands No Tiene La Vaca and Balas 94, and the italian band Causa. The Mexico-Italy split album is free downloadable in the band site. In 2015 Manovalanza started a collaboration with mexican label Impacto Records. The second printing of the album Tutto Contro has been released in Mexico in march 2015. In august 2015 Manovalanza started a tour in Mexico with Korto Circuito, ska-reggae band form Chetumal, Quintana Roo. The mexican tour 2015 reached Mexico D.F, Estado de Mexico and Quintana Roo, with ten concerts in two weeks.
The third album of the band titled Tragicomia is going to be released on 16th April 2016 in Italy and in Mexico in collaboration with Impacto Records.

- Discographie -

8 albums

Manovala - Tragicomìa


2016 - Italie
Punk, Ska
CD CD-ROM13 Pistes

Manovala - Tutto Contro

Tutto Contro

2013 - Italie
Punk, Ska
CD CD-ROM10 Pistes

Manovalanza - Live @ Compass Rose

Live @ Compass Rose

2011 - Italie
Punk, Ska
Digital MP313 Pistes

Manovalanza - Le Cose Che Vorresti

Le Cose Che Vorresti

2011 - Italie
Punk, Ska
CD Single2 Pistes

Manovala - Anziani A Vent

Anziani A Vent'anni

2011 - Italie
Punk, Ska
CD CD-ROM13 Pistes

Manovalanza - Fra Poggi e Castagni

Fra Poggi e Castagni

2009 - Italie
Punk, Ska
CD EP4 Pistes

Manovalanza - Live At Formula

Live At Formula

2008 - Italie
Punk, Ska
Album CD12 Pistes

Manovalanza - Demo


2007 - Italie
Ska, Punk
CD Promo2 Pistes

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