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Finkel Rokkers - Punk de Suède - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Finkel Rokkers

Groupe de musique Punk de Suède formé en 1990

Swedish punk band from Köping. Formed in 1990 by Marcus Holm (guitar), Nanne Nyman (bass) and Roger Andersson (drums). With that setting they did a demo called "Mesk For Pleasure and an EP on Birdnest Records called "Utan Mäsk Stannar Sverige". Guitarist Johan Granberg joined the band somewhere around 1993. Then Johan quit the band to go to Italy to study. Instead they got Rille from Mental Härdsmälta on second guitar and they released the second CD on Kamel Records. Then Roger quit and moved to Gothenburg. New drummer became Tompa, that earlier had been playing in the band Diagnos Arg.

Membres du groupe :   Nanne Nyman, Marcus Holm, Roger Andersson, Johan Granberg

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- Discographie -

4 albums

Finkel Rokkers - Finkel Rokkers

Finkel Rokkers

1995 - Suède
CD EP5 Pistes
Kamel Records

Finkel Rokkers - Tack Ska Ni Ha...

Tack Ska Ni Ha...

1993 - Suède
CD EP6 Pistes
Kamel Records

Finkel Rokkers - Utan Mäsk Stannar Sverige

Utan Mäsk Stannar Sverige

1992 - Suède
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Birdnest Records

Finkel Rokkers - Mäsk For Pleasure

Mäsk For Pleasure

- Suède
Cassette Album17 Pistes
Not On Label (finkel Rokkers Self-released)

- Vidéos Finkel Rokkers -

14 Vidéos

Finkel Rokkers

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  Finkel Rokkers - Utan Mäsk Stannar Sverige

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