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Daybreak - Psychedelic Rock des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Psychedelic Rock des États-Unis

Daybreak was a high school band from Westchester County, New York. Aspiring hippies of their generation, they practiced psychedelic anti-war anthems and songs that spoke to them. On their debut album, an ultra rare RPC custom press of approximately 1,000 copies, they covered some very iconic staples of the era, including Steppenwolf's Monster and The Moody Blues' Nights in White Satin, along with 3 amazing originals. Unfortunately, the album also includes a cheesy Rock Around The Clock cover and some of the worst recording quality of the 70s. But beneath the muffled frequencies of their cheap cassette recorder, there is some of the most refreshing doses of acid rock ever laid down. Their song "Can't Get Down" is an excellent angst-y cry to join the hippies with his dream girl and enter a new world of experimentation, as the singer wails "I don't wanna survive" and other meaningless psychedelic lyrics involving tomorrow and flying. The swirling organ and grating guitar make for an excellent acid rock killer.

In 1974 the band recorded another album in multiple styles, from soft acid folk to clunky jazz-rock. This second effort wasn't as great as the first, where it was mostly rocking the whole way through. The numbers in this album range from charming folk ballads to cheesy blues to unrehearsed rushes of swinging jazz. Overall, worth a listen but not essential.

Membres du groupe :   Bruce Pollack, Rich Alper, Mike Ciulla, Craig Kozlow, Vinnie Seplesky

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Daybreak - A Celebration Of The Individual

A Celebration Of The Individual

1974 - États-Unis
Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Vinyle 12"16 Pistes
Dome Magazine

Daybreak - Daybreak


1971 - États-Unis
Psychedelic Rock
Vinyle 12"7 Pistes

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  Daybreak - Dabreak - 2011 (???) - Punk

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