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Creedle - Punk des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk des États-Unis

Creedle is an American post-hardcore and alternative rock band based in San Diego, California which released three full length albums on Cargo Music/Headhunter Records in the 1990s along with numerous 7-inch singles. The band was primarily composed of Devon E. Levins a.k.a. Devon Goldberg (guitar/vocals), PieBoy a.k.a. Tim Blankenship (bass/vocals), Dr. Gein a.k.a. Dion Thurman (drums), Stretch a.k.a. Robert Walter (keyboards and samples) and Cheme a.k.a. Cochemea Gastelum (saxophone). Creedle was formed after the nearly simultaneous break ups of San Diego bands The Pull Toys, Daddy Long Legs, Holy Love Snakes and If Tomorrow.

Half Man Half Pie, Creedle's first album, was recorded and mixed by Donnell Cameron at Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood, California. The artwork was created by Fip Buchanan. The second album, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, was a concept album pertaining to freemasonry, the Knights Templar and related conspiracy theories which was also recorded and mixed at Westbeach Recorders but instead by Bill Jackson, who worked with Prince, Danny Elfman and Elvis Costello. The album features the Skinbus Horns, composed of Pete Kellers on alto saxophone and Pierre de Gaillande on trumpet. The final album entitled When The Wind Blows added alto saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum. The album was recorded and mixed by Mark Trombino at Big Fish Studios in Olivenhain, California and included the vocals of Rob Crow and Pierre de Gaillande on various tracks and liner notes by music writer David R. Stampone. All three albums were released on Cargo Music/Headhunter Records.

Members of the band continue to record and perform with The Greyboy Allstars, The DaoSon For, Morricone youth, Pretendo, fluf, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, 16, Manual Scan and Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. Creedle, joined by Rob Crow on vocals, keyboards and samples, played a reunion show on December 30, 2007, at the Casbah in San Diego which is where the band played its first show in 1991. The band has since played sporadic shows in California and Nevada and commenced working on a new album in May 2010 tentatively entitled The San Diego Music Awards. Rob Crow and Gabriel Sundy have respectively replaced Robert Walter and Cochemea Gastelum on some live dates. On March 29, 2011, the band performed an album's worth of new material at the Casbah under the name "The San Diego Music Awards" to some controversy based on the similarity in name to the San Diego Music Awards local music awards show held annually in San Diego, California. In January 2014, Robert Walter played live with the band for the first time in nearly twenty years for the Casbah's 25th anniversary show. The band was featured as a subject in Bill Perrine's documentary "It's Gonna Blow!!! - San Diego's Music Underground 1986-1996".

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Membres du groupe :   Pie Boy, Dr. Gein, Stretch, Devon Goldberg, Devon E. Levins

- Discographie -

6 albums

Creedle - When The Wind Blows

When The Wind Blows

1996 - États-Unis
Punk, Lounge, Avantgarde
Album CD17 Pistes
Headhunter Records

Creedle - It

It's Not Cool To Like Green Day Anymore ...

1995 - États-Unis
Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop Punk
Vinyle 7"3 Pistes
Rhetoric Records

Creedle - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

1994 - États-Unis
Punk, Free Jazz, Funk Metal
Album CD33 Pistes
Headhunter Records

Creedle - Trip 3

Trip 3

1993 - États-Unis
Vinyle 7"2 Pistes
Trademark Records

Creedle - Bad Radio

Bad Radio

1993 - États-Unis
Punk, Post Rock, Experimental
Vinyle 7"2 Pistes
Headhunter Records

Creedle - Half Man, Half Pie

Half Man, Half Pie

1993 - États-Unis
Punk, Avant-garde Jazz, Prog Rock
Album CD19 Pistes
Headhunter Records

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  Creedle - Half-man Half-pie - 1993

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