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Cortège - Punk Oi de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Oi de France formé en 1996

French street punk band formed in 1996. The band broke up temporarily in 1999 after their first release and then reformed in 2002. Rough translation of name is 'funeral procession.' After the band reformed in 2002 they no longer wanted to be limited by punk on large levels and began by diversifying their sound to a mid-tempo street punk with obvious reggae and Oi! influences seen in their 2003 release of Young Soul Rebel, and in the 2004 release of their first full length album.

Membres du groupe :   Antoine, Greg, Fred, Mikael De Poissy, Tony Toxik, Laurent

- Discographie -

5 albums

Cortege - Paris Brûle!

Paris Brûle!

2006 - France
Punk, Oi
Album CD9 Pistes
Cored Age

Cortege - Punk Inside

Punk Inside

2004 - France
Punk, Oi
Album CD13 Pistes
Bords De Seine

Cortege - Young Soul Rebel

Young Soul Rebel

2003 - France
Punk, Oi, Reggae
Vinyle 7"3 Pistes
Bords De Seine

Cortege - Pleurer Les Anges

Pleurer Les Anges

1999 - France
Punk, Oi
Vinyle 12"6 Pistes
Motorock Records

Cortege - Pas De Temps À Perdre

Pas De Temps À Perdre

1996 - France
Album CD6 Pistes
Motorock Records

- Vidéos Cortège -

8 Vidéos

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