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Akuma - Punk Oi du Canada - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Oi du Canada formé en 1998

Akuma was a punk band from Montreal, founded in 1998 by former Banlieue Rouge member Safwan Hamdi.

According to a post on the Facebook page of Rock My World Canada, "the band distinguishes itself through its opposition to neoliberalism, both through its lyrics and through its actions."


The original line-up was Safwan Hamdi (guitar and vocals), 'Simon' (bass and background vocals), 'Sylva' (drums), and 'Mark' (guitar, background vocals). It was this line-up which created the group's first album, 100 Démons, released in 2001. Mark and Simon left the band and were replaced by 'Sébastien' (bass) and 'Yannick' (guitar).

In 2004, the band released the album Subversion through Pavillon Noir.In 2006, the band released ...Des Cendres Et Du Désespoir (Ashes and Despair).One of Akuma's songs appeared on a compilation released by the 1999 Festival Polliwog, which was an annual Montreal punk-metal festival. The band played the Festival d'été de Québec and the 2001 Vans Warped Tour. There was a 2002 tour of France with Tagada Jones and Oberkampf; Akuma's last show was in 2008. While their website is still active, there have been no posts since that year.

Membres du groupe :   Safwan

- Discographie -

3 albums

Akuma - Des Cendres Et Du Désespoir

Des Cendres Et Du Désespoir

2006 - Canada
Hardcore, Punk, Oi
Album CD10 Pistes
Pavillon Noir

Akuma - Subversion


2004 - Canada
Hardcore, Punk, Oi
Album CD12 Pistes
Pavillon Noir

Akuma - 100 Demons

100 Demons

2001 - Canada
Album CD12 Pistes
The Union Label Group

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  Akuma - Subversion       3
  Akuma - Des Cendres Et Du Désespoir       3
  Akuma - 100 Demons

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