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The Summer Obsession - Punk Hardcore du Japon - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

The Summer Obsession

Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore du Japon formé en 2004

The Summer Obsession is an American pop duo formed in 2004, known for mixing electronica, punk, hip hop, reggae, and many other genres.


The band was originally formed in 2004 by Fin Leavell & Luke Walker. The band has toured with Cartel, Mýa, Story of the Year, Saosin, Sugarcult, The Click Five, Permanent Me, Hit the Lights, Houston Calls, Monty Are I, Against All Authority, Whole Wheat Bread, Plain White T's, New Years Day and many more. Two Types Of People was the first CD released by the outfit. The group was slated to play on dates of the 2004 Warped Tour, but their stage was cancelled; after finding this out, they moved to Los Angeles, where they landed a deal with Virgin Records. Late in 2005, they appeared on a MySpace Records compilation.This Is Where You Belong is their debut major label album released in August 2006 on Virgin Records. They appeared on Cartoon Network's Fridays and performed the songs "Melt the Sugar" and "Disappear". They have also played in Japan on two occasions.


Current members

Fin Leavell - vocals (2004-present), synthesizers & drum machines (2012-present), guitar (2004-2011)

Luke Walker - vocals (2004-present), synthesizers & drum machines (2012-present), bass & piano (2004-2011)

Former members

Josh Freese - drums (2005)

Chris Wilson - drums (2006-2011)

Chris Miller - bass (2006-2007)

Ryland Steen - drums (2004-2005)

CJ Randolph - guitar (2008)

Mark McHone - bass (2005)

Chris Panama Brown - drums (2005)


Membres du groupe :   Fin Leavell, Chris Miller, Luke Walker, Chris Wilson

- Discographie -

3 albums

The Summer Obsession - The Summer Obsession

The Summer Obsession

2011 - Japon
Punk, Pop Punk
Album CD20 Pistes

The Summer Obsession - Believe Nothing Explore Everything

Believe Nothing Explore Everything

2010 - Japon
Pop Punk
Album CD12 Pistes

The Summer Obsession - This Is Where You Belong

This Is Where You Belong

2006 - Japon
Hardcore, Rock Alternatif, Emo
Album CD12 Pistes

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