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The Punkles - Punk d'Allemagne - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

The Punkles

Groupe de musique Punk d'Allemagne formé en 1998

The Punkles were a German band performing songs by The Beatles in punk style. They formed in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany, and was a side project of Prollhead!.

After a lot of touring around Europe they toured together with Beatallica in October 2005 and in Spring 2006. Unlike Beatallica they performed the Beatles songs "as they are", singing the same lyrics and playing cover versions of the originals, just a "little" faster and with a punk feeling.

They were quite successful in Europe, as well as in Japan, where their best of CD The Punkles 1998-2003 (2003), and the following album, Pistol (2004), both entered the Top 50. Their final album For Sale! was released in April 2006. They have not appeared in public since.

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The Punkles (1998 - Wolverine Records) The cover is a tribute to the album Black and White by The Stranglers.

Punk! (2002 - Bitzcore) The cover is a tribute to The Beatles album Help! and the first Sex Pistols album.

Beat The Punkles (2002 Bitzcore - reissue of the first album)The cover is a tribute to The Beatles album A Hard Day's Night.

1998 - 2003 (Imperial/Teichiku Records) The cover is a tribute to the famous The Beatles Yesterday and Today "Butcher" cover.

Pistol (2004 Bitzcore & Imperial/Teichiku Records) The cover is a tribute to The Beatles Revolver.

Punkles for Sale (2006 Punkles Records & Imperial/Teichiku Records) The cover is a tribute to The Beatles Abbey Road.


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Membres du groupe :   Marc Zimmermann, Andi Schmidt, Rudolph Naomi, Gary Schmalzl, Folke Jensen, Ronnie Henseler

- Discographie -

7 albums

The Punkles - For Sale

For Sale

2006 - Allemagne
Album CD18 Pistes
Punkles Records

The Punkles - レッド・アルバム 1998 - 2003

レッド・アルバム 1998 - 2003

2003 - Allemagne
Punk, Rock & Roll
Album CD20 Pistes
Imperial Records

The Punkles - Red Album

Red Album

2003 - Allemagne
CDr Album14 Pistes

The Punkles - The Punkles

The Punkles

2003 - Allemagne
Album CD Compilation14 Pistes
Remedy, Austerlitz Music

The Punkles - Pistol


2003 - Allemagne
Punk, Parody
Album CD18 Pistes

The Punkles - Drive My Car

Drive My Car

2002 - Allemagne
Punk, Garage Rock
Vinyle 7"3 Pistes
Fanboy Records

The Punkles - Punk!


2002 - Allemagne
Vinyle 12"16 Pistes

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2 Vidéos

The Punkles

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  The Punkles - Punk! Punk

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