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The Boring - Punk Hardcore de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

The Boring

Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore de France

The Boring, is a 5 pieces punk-hardcore band from Colmar, eastern France. This is it from the beginnig:
2005-2007: two demos, lot of shows
2008: our first EP 7 songs "The Masquerade", lot of shows and a european tour with our beloved friends Kazan
2009: we recorded 4 new songs that are on a split CDr with our friends I Am John Spartan released for our second tour in eastern Europe.
2010: our first LP called Let The Captain Sink, lot of shows, eurotpe tour with our crust but good friends Geraniüm
2011: we released a split with our old friends Escape, we played a lot of shows again and made a european tour alone, this time.

You may like what we play if you like those bands: Strike Anywhere, Sick Of It All, Ensign, Have Heart, Gorilla Biscuits, Paint It Black, Comeback kid, Go It Alone...
And remember that: we hate rock stars, fascism, racism, homophobia, sexism and all that kind of crap.

Membres du groupe :   Luc Roedel, Sébastien Guérin, Simon Denivry, Guillaume Enderlin, Maxime Ehrhardt

- Discographie -

7 albums

The Boring - Unlearn


2016 - France
Hardcore, Punk
Vinyle 12"5 Pistes
Saddest Song Records, Ffc Productions, Chanma...

The Boring - Craving For Change

Craving For Change

2012 - France
Vinyle, CD LP26 Pistes
Farce Attack Records

The Boring - What Yesterday Brought

What Yesterday Brought

2010 - France
CDr Album9 Pistes
Monkey Cookie Records, Asso Dischords, Ścian...

The Boring - Let The Captain Sink

Let The Captain Sink

2010 - France
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle, CD LP28 Pistes
Dream Comes True, Back To Reality Records, Ch...

The Boring - Home Is Where Friends Are

Home Is Where Friends Are

2010 - France
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Chanmax Records, Monkey Cookie Records, Dream...

The Boring - split


2009 - France
CDr Mini-Album8 Pistes

The Boring - The Masquerade

The Masquerade

2008 - France
Punk, Hardcore
CD EP7 Pistes
System-d Prod, Asso Discords

- Vidéos The Boring -

9 Vidéos

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