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Scrum - Punk de Pays-Bas - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk de Pays-Bas formé en 2004

Six passionate musicians with a love for energetic, honest and spontaneous folk music, always raising the bar to ensure that both the audience and the band will go home satisfied after every gig…
In the past 12 years, Scrum has played at many festivals, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Every single time, the enthusiasm of the audience as well as the band members themselves is still increasing. As is Scrum’s fan base. In 2015, lead singer Léon brings a new kind of energy into the band. This is reflected in the look & feel of the band. The band has set new goals without losing their energy, honesty and enthusiasm. The Shamrock Sessions, produced by Sander Rozeboom (Caro Emerald, BLØF, VanVelzen), are planned to be Scrum’s first international release early 2017.

SCRUM is: Léon (vocals), Marco (bass, piano, accordeon), Robin (guitar, mandolin), Oscar (drums), Fred (bagpipes, tin whistle) and Corné (fiddle, mandolin).

Membres du groupe :   Marco Hulsebos, Robin Abma

- Discographie -

9 albums

Scrum - Single Malt Folk

Single Malt Folk

2018 - Pays-Bas
Folk Rock
Album CD13 Pistes

Scrum - The Unforeseen

The Unforeseen

2015 - Pays-Bas
CD EP5 Pistes

Scrum - A Night At The Pub

A Night At The Pub

2014 - Pays-Bas
DVD, Album CD DVD-Video19 Pistes
Proacts Proacts Scrum

Scrum - Killing Time

Killing Time

2010 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Folk Rock
Album CD15 Pistes

Scrum - Scrum Live Acoustic

Scrum Live Acoustic

2008 - Pays-Bas
Folk Rock
Album CD Compilation5 Pistes

Scrum - Drunk Again

Drunk Again

2007 - Pays-Bas
CD Single2 Pistes
Scrummusic Publishing

Scrum - The Legend Continues

The Legend Continues

2006 - Pays-Bas
CD EP5 Pistes

Scrum - Throw Me A Penny

Throw Me A Penny

2006 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Folk Rock
CDr Single2 Pistes

Scrum - Pro Libertate

Pro Libertate

2006 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Folk Rock
Album CD14 Pistes

- Vidéos Scrum -

25 Vidéos


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  Scrum - Killing Time - 2010 (Holland) - Celtic Folk Punk       2

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