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Pretty Johnny - Punk de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Pretty Johnny

Groupe de musique Punk de France

Pretty Johnny is a Punk/rock & R'n'R band from Montpellier (34), France, founded in late 2006.

In October, having lost their first bass player, it is Fab who starts to feel the four-string within the band and at the end of 2007, Pretty Johnny does its first concerts, with among others Guerilla Poubelle, Dirty Fonzy, Justin(e), Greedy Guts, Dolores Riposte, Saturn, Menpenti...
Three days of dueling between July 2007 and February 2008 were enough for them to record their first demo, "On aurait pu pu faire mieux...", available at their concerts and on the Jardin des Fous.
In October 2008, after a year of loyal service, Fab left his place to Tibo, also officiating at the UFOS friends.

In February 2010, after a few months of hesitation, Pretty Johnny decided to release a real album, the first one: L'Essentiel C'est De Garder Le Sourire.
All this was made possible thanks to the pity of several labels: Guerilla Asso, Les disques de Géraldine, ZHS, Bad Mood Asso and Merci.
The cover is made by the very talented and always friendly Freddy!

Membres du groupe :   Jerem, Tibo Ziccarelli, Anthony Sanchis, Paweł

- Discographie -

2 albums

Pretty Johnny - Dernière Introduction

Dernière Introduction

2014 - France
CDr Album11 Pistes
Twist And Lose

Pretty Johnny - L

L'Essentiel C'est De Garder Le Sourire

2010 - France
Album CD13 Pistes
Guerilla Asso, La Poudriere, Les Disques De G...

Pretty Johnny

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