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P 38 - Oi Punk de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

P 38

Groupe de musique Oi Punk de France

P38 was born with Remi (singer) who wanted to record a title "jeunesse de la honte" from his previous band R.A.S, never released on a record.The band started in February 1997 under the name of Derniere Chance. After 2 shows and change of line-up, Derniere Chance took the name of P38. In April 1998 the band recorded in studio 9 songs among which 4 cover songs. They produced themselves their 1st ep Tous unis on Autonomy records as well as a split ep united worlwide on Disagree records. Following musical discords, the guitar player left the band. In June 1998, the band was formed around Remi singer, Kevin on guitar, Momo on drum and Negade on bass guitar. In september 1999 as a second guitar player, Pascal joined the band. The same year, P38 appeared on several compilations and in september 2000, the band released its first album called M.U.C on Disagree rds for the cd and on Autonomy rds for vinyl version.The album was re-released again in 2001 on the label Helen of oi rds. In july 2001, Remi and Negade left the band. Momo became the new singer, Kevin and Pascal remained the two guitar players and a new bass player Nico and new drummer, Michel joined the band. In december the last ep from the former formation was released with 3 new songs and a cover song on Prouvenco Bootboys records. Finally, the band separated in the early 2002. P38 played with several bands like Agnostic front, Gundog, Dropkick Murphys, Unfit, Klasse Kriminale, Anti heroes, Youngang, Oxblood, Les Teckels, Oxymoron, the Warriors etc etc and many others french bands of oi, punk and HxC.

Membres du groupe :   Niko, Pascal Viout, Kévin, Momo, Rémi, Négade

- Discographie -

5 albums

P38 - Pour Le Meilleur Et Pour Le Pire

Pour Le Meilleur Et Pour Le Pire

2001 - France
Punk, Oi
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Prouvènço Bootboys Records

P38 - Marseille Meets New-York

Marseille Meets New-York

2000 - France
Punk, Oi
Vinyle 7"2 Pistes
Disagree Records

P38 - M.U.C


2000 - France
Punk, Oi
Vinyle 12"12 Pistes
Autonomy Records

P38 - Promo Tape 1999

Promo Tape 1999

1999 - France
Punk, Oi
Cassette Single Sided4 Pistes

P38 - Tous Unis

Tous Unis

1998 - France
Punk, Oi
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Autonomy Records

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9 Vidéos

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