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Noxious Enjoyment - Punk Hardcore de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Noxious Enjoyment

Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore de France

Noxious Enjoyment was formed in 1994, and are a French Metalcore group. The members are ex-members of French rock groups: Daniel and Phil ( Guitar and Bass formerly of Lofofora), Kshoo (ex vocalist for Dirty District) and Maya (Drums formerly of Sarkasein). Their sound is very similar to Punk-Metal acts Sick Of It All and Hatebreed, and is far cry away from Kshoo's former band, Dirty District. After last album Have A Nice Death Noxious Enjoyment have now split.

Membres du groupe :   Denis Naccache, Maya Flandy, Daniel Descieux, Phil Curty, Stéphane 'Crossover', Pascal Lalaurie

- Discographie -

3 albums

Noxious Enjoyment - Have A Nice Death

Have A Nice Death

2004 - France
Punk, Hardcore
Album CD15 Pistes
Sriracha Records

Noxious Enjoyment - Whore-King-Class


2002 - France
Punk, Hardcore
Album CD12 Pistes

Noxious Enjoyment - Extending Perversion

Extending Perversion

2000 - France
Punk, Hardcore
CD EP4 Pistes
Noxious Records

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