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No Bragging Rights - Metalcore Hardcore des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

No Bragging Rights

Groupe de musique Metalcore Hardcore des États-Unis

No Bragging Rights is an American melodic/hardcore band from Riverside, California formed in 1999 by vocalist, Mike Perez. To date they have released three full length albums and two EP's.

The Beginning (1999–2004)
No Bragging Rights was formed by vocalist, Mike Perez, when he was at the age of fifteen. They have released several demo recordings between 2001 and 2004. These recordings include "Never Again Demo" (2001), "The Razor Apologies" EP (2002), and "Waking Angel Demo" (2004). Ryan Sievers, Jose Mendoza, Anthony McCabe, Cody Henderson, Jamieson Stuart, and Chris Williams have all been credited for taking part in recording said releases. After several lineup changes they decided to pursue a more melodic hardcore and punk influenced sound.

In 2005, No Bragging Rights began writing their first full length album titled "Because You Believe in Something Beyond Them" which was self-released in early 2006. This album was well received in the local music scene of Southern California and helped to establish the band outside of their hometown. Shortly after, “The Anatomy of a Martyr” EP was self-released in the summer of 2007, and brought No Bragging Rights to the national stage. This album was later re-released by Stand By Records.

Relentless "do it yourself" touring widened the band's fan base and attracted the attention of Pure Noise Records.The label re-released “The Anatomy of a Martyr” in 2008, and debuted the full length album "The Consequences of Dreams" in early 2009. That year No Bragging Rights played Taste of Chaos 2009 at The House of Blues, in San Diego, California, with Bring Me the Horizon and several other bands.

The following year they released two singles titled "Passion Vs. Fashion" and "Unafraid to Burn". "Passion Vs. Fashion" was released on the compilation album "Vans 2010 Warped Tour Compilation." "Unafraid to Burn" was released on the "Atticus V" compilation album In January 2011, No Bragging Rights released their latest full length titled "Illuminator" through BlkHeart Group They continue to tour the country, promoting their latest album, and have played with many big label bands such as Asking Alexandria, Emmure, and Carnifex.

On March 30, 2011, posted an interview[4] with Christian Lee and Handsome Rick.

On July 19, 2011 bassist Rick McDonald announced his departure from the group and had the following to say:

“The decision to part ways with NBR has not been an easy one. Throughout the last 4 years of touring I’ve made so many friends and have had experiences that will give me a lifetime of memories to share. I’ve decided to take my hobby in graphic design to the next level and go full time with it, leaving no room for NBR’s non-stop tour schedule. I still love everyone in the band (except Daniel =P) and will continue to help and support them all the way to the top.”

The band will be joined by fill-in bassist Ryan “Beard” Warrell (ex: To Something Beautiful, A Thorn For Every Heart etc.) for their upcoming Beautiful and Spineless Headline Tour and future dates until a permanent replacement is found

Band members
Mike Perez - vocals (1999–present)
Christian Lee - guitars (2005–present)
Daniel Garrow - guitars (2008–present)
Martin Alcedo - drums (2005–present)
Ryan Warrell - bass (2012–present)
Notable ex-members[edit]
"Handsome" Rick - bass (2007-2011)
Michael Portales (2004)
Chris Williams - Guitar (2004-2008)
Jason Martin - bass (2005-2007)
Ryan Sievers - Original Bassist (1999-2005)

"Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them" (2006)
"The Consequences Of Dreams" (2009)
"Illuminator" (2011)
"Cycles" (2012)
"The Concrete Flower" (2014)

"The Anatomy Of A Martyr" (2007)

"Passion Vs. Fashion" (2010)
"Unafraid To Burn" (2010)
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Membres du groupe :   Mike Perez

- Discographie -

6 albums

No Bragging Rights - The Concrete Flower

The Concrete Flower

2014 - États-Unis
Melodic Hardcore
Album CD10 Pistes
Pure Noise Records

No Bragging Rights - Cycles


2012 - États-Unis
Hardcore, Metalcore
Album CD10 Pistes
Entertainment One U.s.

No Bragging Rights - Illuminator


2011 - États-Unis
Album CD11 Pistes
Blkheart Group

No Bragging Rights - The Consequence Of Dreams

The Consequence Of Dreams

2009 - États-Unis
Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore
Album CD10 Pistes
Pure Noise Records

No Bragging Rights - The Anatomy of a Martyr

The Anatomy of a Martyr

2007 - États-Unis
Post-Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore
CD EP6 Pistes
Standby Records

No Bragging Rights - Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them

Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them

2006 - États-Unis
Album CD12 Pistes
Not On Label (no Bragging Rights Self-release...

- Vidéos No Bragging Rights -

30 Vidéos

No Bragging Rights The Concrete Flower
No Bragging Rights
Hope Theory (Lyric Video)
No Bragging Rights
Settle for Stainless Steel
No Bragging Rights
"Unafraid to Burn" Blkheart Group
No Bragging Rights
A Shot to End This All (HD)
No Bragging Rights
No Bragging Rights
"Empire: Disarray" BlkHeart Group
No Bragging Rights
"Because You Believe" BlkHeart Group
No Bragging Rights
Ode To Logan
No Bragging Rights
The Consequence of Dreams (Full Album 2009)
No Bragging Rights
"A Shot to End This All" BlkHeart Group
No Bragging Rights
Not My Salvation
No Bragging Rights
Illuminator (Full Album 2011)
No Bragging Rights
No Bragging Rights
And They Threatened Us With Fire (New Song 2011)
No Bragging Rights
Kneel You Traitor
No Bragging Rights
No Bragging Rights
Sad Panda
No Bragging Rights
Beautiful And Spineless (New Song 2011)
No Bragging Rights
A Shot To End This All
No Bragging Rights
Recognition (New Song 2011)
No Bragging Rights
Hope Theory (Lyric Video)
No Bragging Rights
Appraisals and Omissions Live @ The Long Beach Rock Party 2012
No Bragging Rights
Livin on a Prayer
No Bragging Rights
Deadliest Of Lies
No Bragging Rights
Setting The Tone
No Bragging Rights
Living On A Prayer - LIVE - Salt Lake City
No Bragging Rights
''Cycles'' | LIVE 13.02.14 Fängelset, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
No Bragging Rights
The Day You Left
No Bragging Rights
Passion vs Fashion
No Bragging Rights

No Bragging Rights

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