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King Apparatus - Ska du Canada - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

King Apparatus

Groupe de musique Ska du Canada formé en 1987

King Apparatus was a Canadian third wave ska band, active in the early 1990s. Formed in 1987 in London, Ontario and later based in Toronto, the band's lineup varied over its lifetime, including vocalist Chris Murray, guitarists Sam Tallo, Paul Ruston, J. C. Orr and Paul McCulloch, bassist Mitch Girio, organists Mark LeBourdais and Aleks Dmitrovic, conga player Greg Clancy, saxophonist Bruno Hedman, and drummers Brian Christopher, Dave Kennedy and Mike Southern. Their style was strongly influenced by late 1970s 2-Tone ska, although it introduced a heavier guitar attack than traditional ska.


The band started in London, Ontario in the mid-1980s, at a time when founding members Murray, Tallo and Girio were students at Fanshawe College or the University of Western Ontario, and later moved to Toronto.Their debut EP, 1989's Loud Party, was the first-ever release on Raw Energy Records, and was followed by the full-length album King Apparatus in 1990. With distribution in just a handful of downtown Toronto record stores, the self-titled album sold over 5,000 copies, helping Raw Energy to secure a national distribution deal with A&M Records.The band's best-known single, "Made for TV", was a hit on modern rock radio stations in Canada in 1991, reaching No. 1 on CFNY-FM and on the national campus radio charts, and its video was in heavy rotation on MuchMusic. The video's most unusual feature was that it included a picture-in-picture box of a sign language interpreter signing the lyrics. The album was supported with a national tour.The band won two CASBY Awards for Best Reggae/Ska Group, in both 1991 and 1992.Following disappointing sales of their second album Marbles, the band left Raw Energy for Cargo Records, but ultimately broke up before recording another album; The band's stability was also impacted by their heavy touring schedule; by 1994, they had undertaken twelve cross-Canada tours in just five years. Murray immediately joined the Toronto reggae band One, and has continued to pursue a solo career in music. LeBourdais, the grandson of historian D. M. LeBourdais and journalist Isabel LeBourdais, later worked as a high school teacher in Delta, British Columbia. Mitch Girio is still a large part of the Toronto ska scene, including as a solo artist and as lead singer and guitarist for the band The King Kong 4.

The band reissued its albums on Stomp Records in 2000, and performed a number of reunion shows that year. Their show at Toronto's Lee's Palace on March 24, 2000 was webcasted by

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Membres du groupe :   Tim Lane, Sam Tallo, Mitch Girio, Chris Murray, Adam Lee, Darren Fletcher

- Discographie -

4 albums

King Apparatus - Marbles


1993 - Canada
Album CD16 Pistes
Raw Energy

King Apparatus - Hospital Waiting Room

Hospital Waiting Room

1992 - Canada
CD EP4 Pistes
Raw Energy

King Apparatus - King Apparatus

King Apparatus

1991 - Canada
Ska, Rock Alternatif
Album CD18 Pistes
Cargo Records

King Apparatus - Loud Party

Loud Party

1989 - Canada
Cassette Mini-Album8 Pistes
Not On Label (king Apparatus Self-released)

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King Apparatus

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  King Apparatus - Marbles - 1993 (Canada) - Ska

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