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Hot Pants - Rock Alternatif Punk de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Hot Pants

Groupe de musique Rock Alternatif Punk de France

Hot Pants is one of the numerous groups involving the French singer-songwriter of Spanish descent Manu Chao and his cousin, drummer Santi. As with all of Chao's music, the group had many influences, most notably The Clash, which contributed to their rockabilly sound. The group sang in English and Spanish. The group released a demo tape in 1984 entitled "Mala Vida," and in 1985 they released a 45 with the single "So many nites" (and B-side "Lover Alone"). They released a full-length album entitled Loco Mosquito in 1986, which was re-released in 2000.

The members of the group were:

Manu Chao: guitar/vocals

Pascal Borgne: guitar

Jean-Marc: bass guitar

Santi: drums

Membres du groupe :   Jean-Marc Despeignes, Pascal Borne, Santiago Casariego, Manu Chao

- Discographie -

6 albums

Hot Pants - Radio Mosquito - Interview Radio

Radio Mosquito - Interview Radio

2000 - France
CD Promo1 Pistes

Hot Pants - Hot Chicas / Persistent Et Signent

Hot Chicas / Persistent Et Signent

1990 - France
Rock Alternatif, Folk Rock
Vinyle 12"23 Pistes
Boucherie Productions

Hot Pants - Let

Let's Go Funky / Watch Out

1986 - France
Flexi-disc 7"2 Pistes

Hot Pants - Hot Chicas

Hot Chicas

1986 - France
Rock Alternatif, Folk Rock
Vinyle 12"10 Pistes
Tutti Frutti Records

Hot Pants - Loco-Mosquito


1986 - France
Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Classic Rock
Album CD12 Pistes
All Or Nothing Records

Hot Pants - So Many Nites

So Many Nites

1985 - France
Rock Alternatif, Rock & Roll
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Gougnaf Mouvement

- Vidéos Hot Pants -

14 Vidéos

Hot Pants

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  Hot Pants - Loco-mosquito - 1986 (France) - Rock Alternatif Fr       1

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