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Hjertestop - Punk Hardcore du Danemark - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore du Danemark formé en 2004

Hjertestop is a Danish punk band. It was formed in Copenhagen, in the scene around Ungdomshuset. The band consists of former members of Incontrollados, Død Ungdom, Young Wasteners, and Leathervein.

Since 2004, the band have been playing concerts all over Europe, on 6–7 small tours and 2 larger tours.

Amongst countries they have played in, is Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Croatia, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Basque Country and the United States.


Las Ballade (Vocals and bass) 2004–11

Jesper (Drums) 2008–11

Nikolaj (Guitar) 2004–11Former members:

Yogi (Vocal) 2004–05

Hasse (Drums) 2004–08

Membres du groupe :   Lasse Skov, Nikolaj Jakobsen, Hasse Skovbo Dalgaard, Yogi

- Discographie -

4 albums

Hjertestop - Musik For Dekadente Ører

Musik For Dekadente Ører

2010 - Danemark
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"4 Pistes
Kick N' Punch Records

Hjertestop - Vi Ses I Helvede

Vi Ses I Helvede

2008 - Danemark
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 12"10 Pistes

Hjertestop - Åårh Fuck... Det Er HjerteStop !

Åårh Fuck... Det Er HjerteStop !

2005 - Danemark
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Kick N' Punch Records

Hjertestop - Hjertestop


2004 - Danemark
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album12 Pistes
Kick N' Punch Records, Maximum Overdrive

- Vidéos Hjertestop -

7 Vidéos

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