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Fluoride - Grindcore des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Grindcore des États-Unis

Fluoride is an experimental project from NYC consisting of Dustin Payseur (Beach Fossils) and Rene Nuñez (Herzog Rising). After playing together in the noise-punk band Divorce Money, the two banded together in 2012. The motivation was to combine the harsh cacophony of industrial music with the larger textures of contemporary production styles. Their debut album Material is thematically uncompromising, featuring imperative lyrics and harsh undertones. The collaboration utilizes Dustin’s songwriting, creating the pounding rhythms and blown-out electronic soundscapes which they both share vocal duties over.

Membres du groupe :   Bret, Rick, Suzy

- Discographie -

2 albums

Fluoride - Disentanglement


2019 - États-Unis
Power Violence, Grindcore
Vinyle 12"12 Pistes
React With Protest

Fluoride - Fluoride


2017 - États-Unis
Cassette EP8 Pistes
To Live A Lie

- Vidéos Fluoride -

5 Vidéos

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