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Filthy Charity - Grindcore Punk de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Filthy Charity

Groupe de musique Grindcore Punk de France formé en 1989

Death Grind band Formed in Marseille, France March 1989 by David Cammal (Filthy Dave).

The line up which lasted the longest, from 1992 to 1999 was composed of Filthy Dave (Guitar), Romuald Kaminski (Bass), Michel Cozzi (Vocals) and Lionel Restoun (Drums).

During this period, the group self-released several demo tapes including "Misery Is Our Destiny", "Paradise Will Be Reborn From Chaos" and a split demo with BESMET (1992/1993). Followed by and a split 7" EP with S.R.M.P (1993), a 7" EP "Disgrace Of The Earth" (1995) and a CD album "Manes Thecel Phares" (1996).

The band split in 1999 as each memeber had other musical desires, most notably; Michel went on to form Your Shapeless Beauty, Filthy Dave and Lionel respectively took up guitar and vocals in Substance of Noise then guitar and drum in Lunglance along with various other projects.

The band has since then re-formed in May 2008 when Filthy Dave pitched the idea to the rest of Filthy Charity, an idea immediately followed up by Lionel on drums, joined shortly afterwards by Romuald on bass. The band then recuited Greg Ƶgregorov on vocals... Unfortunately, during January 2009 the 800 km distance between home and the rest of the band made Romuald decide to leave... the following week, Mello, percussionist of the Cumbia Chichara, who was at the same rehearsal space, took the bass with enthusiasm and played his first rehearsal and his first gig with band on the same day.

Membres du groupe :   David Cammal

- Discographie -

10 albums

Filthy Charity - Filthy Charity/The Butcher Project Split 10"

Filthy Charity/The Butcher Project Split 10"

2012 - France
Punk, Grindcore
Vinyle 10"10 Pistes
Enthröpy, Aratos, Neanderthal-prod, Tyhc

Filthy Charity - Filthy Charity / Wardead

Filthy Charity / Wardead

2010 - France
Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore
Vinyle 12"19 Pistes

Filthy Charity - Return To The Bloody Old Vein

Return To The Bloody Old Vein

2008 - France
Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore
CDr Mini-Album6 Pistes

Filthy Charity - Manes Thecel Phares

Manes Thecel Phares

1996 - France
Album CD21 Pistes
Filthycore Productions

Filthy Charity - Disgrace Of The Earth

Disgrace Of The Earth

1995 - France
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Soap Scum Records

Filthy Charity - "Paradise Will Be Reborn From Chaos"

"Paradise Will Be Reborn From Chaos"

1993 - France
Cassette Single Sided4 Pistes
Not On Label (filthy Charity Self-released)

Filthy Charity - Split EP

Split EP

1993 - France
Punk, Death Metal, Grindcore
Vinyle 7"12 Pistes
Psycho Mania Records

Filthy Charity - Caught In Your Silence - A Four Band Split Tape

Caught In Your Silence - A Four Band Split Tape

1993 - France
Grindcore, Noisecore
Cassette Numbered19 Pistes
E.u. '91 Produzioni

Filthy Charity - "Misery Is Our Destiny"

"Misery Is Our Destiny"

1992 - France
Cassette Single Sided8 Pistes
Not On Label (filthy Charity Self-released)

Filthy Charity - Split Tape

Split Tape

1990 - France
Noise, Grindcore
Cassette Album32 Pistes
Not On Label (filthy Charity Self-released), ...

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18 Vidéos

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