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El Último Skalón - Ska d'Espagne' - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

El Último Skalón

Groupe de musique Ska d'Espagne'

El Último Skalón began in the summer of 2007, when a few fans of Ska at the Zaragoza Conservatory came together to compose and play the music. Throughout the following year the group had been consolidating, with an increasing numbers of rehearsals, until their first gig at the end of 2008. The group's style mixes Ska, Reggae and Latin rhythms, and their first CD was presented 21 May 2010.

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2 albums

El Ultimo Skalon - Ciudadano Del Mundo

Ciudadano Del Mundo

2012 - Espagne
Album CD14 Pistes

El Ultimo Skalon - Cae La Noche

Cae La Noche

2010 - Espagne
Album CD9 Pistes

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El Último Skalón

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  El Ultimo Skalon - Ciudadano Del Mundo - 2012 (Espagne / Zaragoza) - Ska-reggae       2

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