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Decadent Circus - Deathrock du Mexique - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Decadent Circus

Groupe de musique Deathrock du Mexique

Mexican death rock band from the first 2000's decade.

Formed by Chaka Crespo (currently Mekrokiev guitarist) with the intention of creating music and Gonzo Esquizoide (currently Valeria (12) & El Día Que la Vea la Voy A Matar bassist) wanting to combine music with an expressionist image, invite the guitarist Audra (formerly guitarist of Mekrokiev).

They played in the most important underground forums in the country for a short period.

They only released a physical and digital demo, leaving several unpublished songs and an incomplete album.

Membres du groupe :   Gonzo Esquizoide

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1 albums

Decadent Circus - Decadent Circus

Decadent Circus

2007 - Mexique
Deathrock, Goth Rock
CDr Limited Edition7 Pistes

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Decadent Circus

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  Decadent Circus - Demo (Mexique) - Postpunk / Deathrock

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