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Charles Bronson - Punk Hardcore des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Charles Bronson

Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore des États-Unis formé en 1994

Charles Bronson was a powerviolence band from DeKalb, Illinois, existing from 1994 to 1997.

Musical style

Charles Bronson borrowed from the early powerviolence of Infest, who blended youth crew hardcore with the velocity and dissonance of thrashcore. Songs were very brief, and sometimes punctuated by samples taken from various media (including Charles Bronson films). Lyrically, the group tended towards satirical commentary on the hardcore punk scene. The group has been described as a "fast, screaming mess of tall, skinny guys with a lot to say (which you would only know if you read the liner notes)". The group was sometimes criticized for its conceptual take on hardcore and art school tendencies, maintaining a long-standing feud with Felix Havoc of Code 13.

Membres du groupe :   Mike Sutfin, Jon Arends, Mark McCoy, Max Ward, James Dejesus, Aaron Aspinwall, Ebro Virumbrales, Jeff Jelen

- Discographie -

10 albums

Charles Bronson - Demo Tape Selftitled 7"

Demo Tape Selftitled 7"

2019 - États-Unis
Power Violence
Cassette Album Compilation23 Pistes

Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson

2003 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"11 Pistes
Not On Label (charles Bronson Self-released)

Charles Bronson - The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

2001 - États-Unis
DVD Album DVD-Video1 Pistes

Charles Bronson - Complete Discocrappy

Complete Discocrappy

2000 - États-Unis
Power Violence
CD, All Media Album119 Pistes
Youth Attack

Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson / Unanswered

Charles Bronson / Unanswered

1997 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Track Star Records

Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson / Quill

Charles Bronson / Quill

1997 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore, Thrash
Vinyle 7"16 Pistes
Nat Records

Charles Bronson - Youth Attack!

Youth Attack!

1997 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore, Thrash
Vinyle 12"20 Pistes
Lengua Armada Discos

Charles Bronson - Ice Nine / Charles Bronson

Ice Nine / Charles Bronson

1996 - États-Unis
Vinyle 7"11 Pistes
Bovine Records

Charles Bronson - Spazz / Charles Bronson

Spazz / Charles Bronson

1995 - États-Unis
Hardcore, Grindcore
Vinyle 7"13 Pistes
625 Thrashcore

Charles Bronson - Demo Tape

Demo Tape

1994 - États-Unis
Hardcore, Thrash
Cassette Single Sided10 Pistes
Not On Label (charles Bronson Self-released)

- Vidéos Charles Bronson -

12 Vidéos

Charles Bronson

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  Charles Bronson Youth Attack! 1997 []       1
  Charles Bronson - The Unreleased Tracks       1
  Charles Bronson - Die Rootbeer       1

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