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Casey Jones - Punk Hardcore des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Casey Jones

Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore des États-Unis formé en 2003

Casey Jones was a straight edge hardcore punk band from Jacksonville, Florida. The band consisted of members from Evergreen Terrace and Anchors Away and was signed to Eulogy Records. They released three albums and a split 7-inch


Casey Jones formed in early 2003 as a side project of Evergreen Terrace. The band's name is taken from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character Casey Jones.

The band was originally started by Josh James of Evergreen Terrace, his brother Caleb, and Josh Smith (former member of Evergreen Terrace). Shortly after forming, the band wrote several songs and recorded a five-song demo entitled Are Some Crucial Dudes. Not long after this, the band recorded their first full length The Few, The Proud, The Crucial which was released on Indianola Records. After several member changes, the band recorded their second full length, The Messenger, which was released on Eulogy Records in June 2006. In 2008 the band departed Eulogy.Casey Jones released their final album, I Hope We're Not the Last, on January 11, 2011. It also marked the band’s final year of touring.Casey Jones disbanded in 2012. After disbanding Casey Jones released a documentary about the life and death of the band entitled Start To Finish.

Former members

Josh James - vocals

Caleb James - drums

James Siboni - bass

Evan Judd - guitar

John Howard - guitar

Jason Southwell - guitar

Josh Smith - bass

Membres du groupe :   Evan Judd, Caleb James, John Howard, James Siboni, Josh James, Josh Smith

- Discographie -

5 albums

Casey Jones - I Hope We

I Hope We're Not The Last

2010 - États-Unis
Album CD10 Pistes
First Division Records

Casey Jones - The Messenger

The Messenger

2006 - États-Unis
CD Enhanced12 Pistes
Alveran Records

Casey Jones - The Few, The Proud, The Crucial

The Few, The Proud, The Crucial

2004 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore
Album CD12 Pistes
Indianola Records

Casey Jones - Casey Jones / Traitor

Casey Jones / Traitor

2004 - États-Unis
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Music City Six

Casey Jones - Demo 2003

Demo 2003

2003 - États-Unis
Punk, Hardcore
CDr EP6 Pistes

- Vidéos Casey Jones -

1 Vidéos

Casey Jones

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  Casey Jones - I Hope We're Not The Last - 2011 (Usa) - Hardcore       1

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