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Career Soldiers - Punk des États-Unis - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Career Soldiers

Groupe de musique Punk des États-Unis formé en 2002

Career Soldiers was a street punk band based in San Diego. The band have toured America and Canada with bands like The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Monster Squad, Clit 45, U.K. Subs, Funeral Dress among others.


Formed in August 2002 with Jake on guitar and vocals, Ryan on bass and Brian on drums, the band recorded a demo and in November played their first shows with Thought Riot and Toxic Narcotic, after the mentioned presentations, the band decided to add a guitarist, so Jake could take care only of vocals. In December Derek joins the band, but leave in February 2003, replaced by Ricky. With a more stable formation, the band recorded the Passion for Destruction EP. Despite being a member, Ricky did not take part in the recording of the EP because he felt he didn't know the songs well enough.When Ricky was ready, the band booked shows with bands like A Global Threat, Lower Class Brats and Clit 45. In late 2003 the band recorded their debut full-length album titled Finding Freedom in Hopelessness, released in September 2004 by ADD Records, label property of Mark Civitarese, best known as Mark Unseen, vocalist of the Boston street punk band The Unseen, by the time the band also played shows with The Virus in Reno, Cheap Sex in Corona, and Defiance in Salt Lake City.

In August 2005 the band did a tour with Cheap Sex and The Havoc, followed by a tour with The Unseen and A Global Threat, from the West Coast to Boston. In 2006 the band booked a tour through the U.S., including dates in Canada with Clit 45 for the next six weeks. In the same year, Brian left the band, being replaced by Tay, who previously played with Negative Charge and Endless Struggle from Utah, also, the band finished writing new material, this would later become the album Loss of Words, released by Punk Core Records in 2007.

On December 31, 2008 the band announced on their website that they are officially broken up. They explain that the breakup was because Tay lives in Salt Lake City and they have to fly him out for every show. The financial expenses were too great, and finding a new drummer was a possibility, however, most bands lose their integrity when they get someone new that they do not know.

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Membres du groupe :   Ryan Hendry, Tay White, Ricky Kissel, Jake Loban

- Discographie -

2 albums

Career Soliders - Loss Of Words

Loss Of Words

2007 - États-Unis
Vinyle 12"12 Pistes
Punkcore Records

Career Soliders - Finding Freedom In Hopelessness

Finding Freedom In Hopelessness

2004 - États-Unis
Album CD13 Pistes
A.d.d. Records

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Career Soldiers

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  Career Soliders - Findin Freedom In Hopelessness

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