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Brixton Robbers - Punk de France - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet

Brixton Robbers

Groupe de musique Punk de France

Brixton Robbers: a gut wrenching sound, sharp precision and limitless determination all translating into an irreverent punk rock that they endorse without flinching. The title track’s chorus (Carved Livers): “We neglected all that we were told to do what we love and hit the road. I don’t wanna wake up at forty feeling lost and unfulfilled” perfectly illustrates their ideals.

This second release demonstrates well that the 2 years that separate it from 2009’s Rocks and Cranes were spent hard at work and that the band maintains the energy acquired during its early days. Bringing in a new guitar player in 2010 only added to this dynamic mix. The 200 or so shows that separate both records are best summarized by 2 European tours, a North American tour and a few scrambled shows in Canada and the U.S. have served their purpose by focussing the band into making a record that will leave no heads un-turned. Pairing up with Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, The Snips, The Creepshow) for the second time, they have perfected their sound into something they can call their own, keeping their raw energy and leaving ska elements behind. All the while maintaining the “in your face” punch they are best known for.

A gained sens of maturity transpires through the lyrics, melodies and vocals. The fast guitars and drums are supported by direct and palpable aggressiveness. Fans of peace, quiet and slow dancing beware, this is not for you!

Membres du groupe :   Jepeto, Matt Huot, Mark Lamoureux, Nicolas Charbonneau, Max Ledoux

- Discographie -

2 albums

Brixton Robbers - Carved Livers

Carved Livers

2012 - France
Vinyle 12"11 Pistes
Guerilla Asso

Brixton Robbers - Rocks And Cranes

Rocks And Cranes

2009 - France
Album CD13 Pistes
Guerilla Asso

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18 Vidéos

Brixton Robbers

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  Brixton Robbers - Carved Livers - Punk       2
  Brixton Robbers - Rocks & Cranes (Quebec) - Ska-punk       1

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