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Boycot - Punk Hardcore de Pays-Bas - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Hardcore de Pays-Bas

Boycot was a political anarcho punk band from Alkmaar, started in 1995 and gained a lot of attention with their debut 7" 'Only Stupid Bastards help Epitaph', which was supported with an anti-Epitaph postcard action.
They played fast, raw, crustpunk with enough variations. Lyrics against religion, animal cruelty, homophobia, greedy Multi corporations and an continued diatribe against the sellout of punk rock: "No NOFX, Fuck Offspring, Slay Green Day..." Their first recordings were released in East Europe as a split-tape with Jobbykrust. Furthermore they have released splits with Argue Damnation, Insane Youth, Yuppiecrusher, Distress, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez and Fleas and Lice. They played many shows in Europe and did a tour through the USA in 1999. In the beginning of 2000 it was time for something new, so they decided to quit.

Membres du groupe :   Jeroen, Taco, Billi, Lennaert Roomer, Pim Bakker, Erik-Jan

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- Discographie -

11 albums

Boycot - The Underpass EP Pt.3

The Underpass EP Pt.3

2013 - Pays-Bas
Drum n Bass
Digital MP34 Pistes
Dust Audio

Boycot - Total Boycot 1995 - 2000

Total Boycot 1995 - 2000

2004 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Album CD Compilation59 Pistes
Angry Records

Boycot - Here We Go Again!

Here We Go Again!

2000 - Pays-Bas
Hardcore, Punk
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Deadlock Records

Boycot - Boycot / Tuco Ramirez

Boycot / Tuco Ramirez

1999 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"11 Pistes
Trująca Fala

Boycot - Split 7"

Split 7"

1999 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"8 Pistes
Sacro K-baalismo

Boycot - Boycot / Betercore

Boycot / Betercore

1998 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"11 Pistes
Wasted Youth Power Records

Boycot - Separation From Society / Distress

Separation From Society / Distress

1997 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 10"15 Pistes
Ignition Records , Sonic Rendezvous

Boycot - Boycot /  Insane Youth (2)

Boycot / Insane Youth (2)

1997 - Pays-Bas
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyle 7"10 Pistes

Boycot - Split EP

Split EP

1997 - Pays-Bas
Vinyle 7"11 Pistes
F.f.t. Label

Boycot - Jobbykrust / Boycot

Jobbykrust / Boycot

1996 - Pays-Bas
Hardcore, Punk
Cassette Album36 Pistes
Insane Society Records

Boycot - Only Stupid Bastards Help Epitaph

Only Stupid Bastards Help Epitaph

1995 - Pays-Bas
Vinyle 7"6 Pistes
Axiome Production

- Vidéos Boycot -

16 Vidéos

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