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Airbomb - Punk Oi du Royaume-Uni - Discographie & Téléchargement d'album mp3 complet


Groupe de musique Punk Oi du Royaume-Uni

Punkrock band from Essex / England, formed in 1996 and named after a firework "which makes a lot of noise but is not at all pretty", as they said in an interview. They run a small label named Airbomb Records, on which they released their second album and the 2nd pressing of their first album.

- Discographie -

2 albums

Airbomb - Pnuk


2005 - Royaume-Uni
Album CD17 Pistes
Airbomb Records

Airbomb - Look Out!

Look Out!

1998 - Royaume-Uni
Punk, Oi
Album CD18 Pistes
Retch Records

- Vidéos Airbomb -

14 Vidéos

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