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The Casualties - Chaos Sound (2016)

Discussion dans 'MUSIQUE INTERNATIONALE' créé par Lablatte, 29 Septembre 2020.

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    21 Novembre 2013


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    01. Intro
    02. Chaos Sound
    03. Vision Of Greed
    04. Running Through The Night
    05. Brothers And Sisters
    06. Murder Us All
    07. Work Our Lives Away
    08. Countdown To Tomorrow
    09. Fight For What's Mine
    10. Keep Your Distance
    11. In The Lost City
    12. Bomb Blast
    13. RAMONES
    14. Halfway To Hell
    15. United Streets

    Hardcore-punk institution THE CASUALTIES return to their roots with the new, aptly-titled album 'Chaos Sound'. 'Chaos Sound' brings fifteen blistering blasts of raw, DISCHARGE/EXPLOITED/GBH-inspired street punk that is these veteran's calling card. Chainsaw guitars grind, ragged vocals scream, and gang vocals explode like bombs throughout the bands most impressive, and frantic, material to date. Tracks such as "Running Through the Night", "Murder Us All", "Brothers and Sisters" and the vicious title track underscore that THE CASUALTIES fury and flame burns hotter and brighter than ever before.

    aint ashamed apprécie ceci.
  2. aint ashamed

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    Thanks Friend! Some people don't consider_The Casualties_
    a serious / valid voice for our cause. I respectfully disagree, I'm
    here today because of them. aint ashamed
    Lablatte apprécie ceci.

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