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R.I.P Vinyl Sensi-Addict (LP Collection) Part 1

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    22 Novembre 2009


    Style: Early Reggae , DanceHall

    1 - Latty Guzang - Reggae Riddim
    2 - Latty Guzang - Rocka Shoka
    3 - Latty Guzang - Cool Down Woman
    4 - Latty Guzang - You I Love
    5 - Latty Guzang - Let's Go Dancing
    6 - Latty Guzang - Don't You Chuck It
    7 - Latty Guzang - Going To A Session (Clean Hands And A Pure Heart)
    8 - Latty Guzang - Drugs Trafficking (Nuh Gimme None)
    9 - Latty Guzang - Run For Cover
    10 - Latty Guzang - Fade Away




    Devon Russell & The Cultural Roots (inc) - Money Sex And Violence

    Style: Reggae ; Dance Hall

    A1. Money, Sex And Violence
    A2. Outlaw
    A3. Jamming In The Cellblock
    A4. Mandella Song (Mandella De-Pan Street Again)
    A5. Revolution Song
    A6. It's Not The End

    B1. Solid As A Rock
    B2. Blame It On Rasta
    B3. Tan Tan Brown
    B4. Hoot Nanny
    B5. Sweetness In Your Life
    B6. Bom Dance



    Big Compile 1962 1979 Que du bon (Lee Perry)

    A1. Stop The Train (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
    A2. Double Six (U.Roy)
    A3. In The Iaah (The Upsetters)
    A4. Tighten Up (Lee & The Blue Bell)
    A5. Live & Learn (Roman Stewart)
    A6. A Serious Joke (Val Bannett)
    Aa7. In The Morning (Roman Stewart)
    Aa8. Stick Together (U. Roy)
    Aa9. Long Sentence (The Upsetters)
    Aa10. Bush Weed Corn Trash (Ricky & Bunny)
    Aa11. Soul Fire (Lee Perry)
    Aa12. Caution (Bob Marley & The Wailers)

    B1. Roast Fish & Corn Bread (Lee Perry)
    B2. Your Arms (Roman Stewart)
    B3. Scratch Walking (The Upsetters)
    B4. Put It On (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
    B5. Come Along (The Black Arks)
    B6. Curley Dub (The Upsetters)
    Bb7. Loser (Roman Stewart)
    Bb8. Little Flute Chant (Brad Osborne)
    Bb9. Throw Some Water In (Lee Perry)
    Bb10. Fussing & Fighting ( Bob Marley & The Wailers)
    Bb11. Return Of The Super Ape (The Upsetters)
    Bb12. Tell Me Something Good (The Upsetters)





    A serious selection of 'groovy hits' From Bunny Lee's Productions
    1969 - 1977

    A1.Delroy Wilson - Get Ready 3'15
    A2.Pat Kelly - (If It Don't Work Out) Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 2'49
    A3.Alton Ellis - Play It Cool 2'44
    A4.Cornell Campbell - Didn't 3'35
    A5.John Holt - I'll Always Love You 2'55
    A6.Delroy Wilson - It Hurts 2'26
    A7.Max Romeo - Wet Dream 2'48

    B1.The Sensations - Born To Love You 3'12
    B2.Slim Smith&The Uniques - Gypsy Woman 2'56
    B3.Delroy Wilson - This Whole Heart Of Mine 2'46
    B4.The Paragons - Smile It's A New Day 3'10
    B5.The Paragons - Feel Alright 3'39
    B6.Owen Gray - I Say Super Jaws 3'42
    B7.John Holt - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine 3'47



    Dennis Brown - Sings Revival Classics

    C'est loin d'être le meilleur album de Dennis Brown ..
    (Des Classics repris au gout du jour :chut: :ecouteurs:)

    A1.Take My Hand
    A2.Write Me A Letter
    A3.Why Can't I Touch You
    A4.Love I Can Feel
    A5.Living In The Footsteps
    A6.Left With A Broken Heart

    B2.Declaration Of Rights
    B3.No Man Is A Island
    B4.Dancing Mood
    B5.Fancy Make Up
    B6.Do You Love Me

    Product by Bunny Lee




    Roy Cousins & The Royal - Pick Up The Pieces

    Bien roots !

    Side 1.
    1. Pick Up The Pieces
    2. Ghetto Man
    3. Jah Jah Knows
    4. Sufferer Of The Ghetto
    5. If I Were You
    6. If You Want Good

    Side 2.
    1. When You Are Wrong
    2. Promised Land
    3. Only For A Time
    4. Blacker Black
    5. Peace & Love
    6. Facts Of Life



    Side1.1. Augustus Pablo - Rockers Rock
    Side1.2. K.c. White - No, No, No,
    Side1.3. Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm
    Side1.4. Tommy Mccook - Heatwave
    Side2.1. U Roy - Tom Drunk
    Side2.2. Toots & Themaytals - Funky Kingston
    Side2.3. Prince Buster - Sit & Wonder
    Side2.4. Jackie Mittoo - Earthquake
    Side3.1. Hopeton Lewis - Sounds & Pressure
    Side3.2. Byron Lee - Hot Reggae
    Side3.3. John Holt - I'm The One To Blame
    Side3.4. The Skatalites - Herb Man Dub
    Side3.5. Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations - Bewitched
    Side4.1. Dawn Penn - Are You There
    Side4.2. The Abyssinians - Mandela
    Side4.3. Boris Gardner - Melting Pot
    Side4.4. The Upsetters - Live Injection

    Ref: Sjr Lp 41

    Soul Jazz Records 1999



    Un Petit Django sa fait pas de mal :ecouteurs:

    The Fisrt Recording of Quintette Du HCF (1935)

    A1 Djangology B1 Some Of These Days
    A2 Chasing Shadows B2 I Have My Moments
    A3 Believe It Beloved B3 Clouds
    A4 Avalon B4 I've Found A New Baby
    A5 Smoke Rings B5 Saint Louis Blues
    A6 Crazy Rhythm B6 The Sheik Of Araby



    Les Punks aiment le gospel ? :ecouteurs:

    Soul Jazz Records - Soul Gospel Vol.2

    1 Louise Mc Cord -- You'D Better Get A Move On
    2 The Staple Singers -- For What It'S Worth
    3 Martha Bass -- Since I'Ve Been Born Again
    4 Marion Gaines Singers -- Do Your Thing
    5 Clara Ward -- Dead End Street
    6 Meditation Singers -- Let Them Talk
    7 The Stovall Sisters -- Praise His Name
    8 The Sensational Cymbals -- When Will It End
    9 Myrna Summers -- Have A Talk With God
    10 Pastor T. L. Barrett -- After The Rain
    11 Mildred Clark -- Keep Trying
    12 The Lovers Of God -- We Should All Thank The Lord
    13 NYCC -- I'Ll Keep A Light In My Window
    14 Marion Williams -- Bad News, Bad Times
    15 Mel & Tim -- Keep The Faith
    16 Loleatta Holloway -- Casanova
    17 Sweet Inspirations -- Why Am I Treated So Bad
    18 Dixie Wonders Ft. Cleophus Mabone -- My Soul Has Got To Move
    19 Howard Lemon Singers -- Let Him Come In
    20 The Angelic Choir -- Wade In The Water



    U Brown - Rougher Than The Rest LP [JahWarrior] 2002

    Reggae DJ Uk

    A1. U brown - Rougher Than The Rest
    A2. U Brown Ft. Prince Alla - Rasta Business Is No Joke
    A3. U Brown Ft. Horace Andy - Girl Mind What You Do
    A4. U Brown - Jah Is My Strength
    A5. U Brown Ft. Rod Taylor - Ah Rastaman Time Now
    A6. U Brown - It's Dancing Time Again

    B1. U Brown Ft. Prince Alla - A Song Unto Jah
    B2. U Brown - Jammin Straight From Yard
    B3. U Brown Ft. Alton Ellis - Youths! Take It Easy
    B4. U Brown - Ska Roots Rock
    B5. U Brown - Put Away Racial & Tribal War
    B6. U Brown Ft. Peter Broggs - Praise Rastafari Now



    Derrick Harriott - Enter The Chariot LP Crystal Rec. 1980

    Loin d'être le meilleur album de Derrick Harriott :ecouteurs:

    A1. Derrick Harriott - Best Of Both Worlds
    A2. Derrick Harriott - Didn't (Blow Your Mind)
    A3. Derrick Harriott - Lollipop Girl
    A4. Derrick Harriott - Birthday Song

    B1. Derrick Harriott - Tell Me This Is A Dream
    B2. Derrick Harriott - The First Impression
    B3. Derrick Harriott - Sweet Harmony
    B4. Derrick Harriott - Love In The Morning



    Style: DanceHall

    Shocking Vibes Presents!
    Judas Meets Ninja Ford

    A1. Judas - Rude Boy Fi Live
    A2. Judas - Watch Over Badman
    A3. Judas - Weeping & Wailing
    A4. Judas - Badman
    A5. Judas - God Heart

    B1. Ninja Ford - Run Out A Town
    B2. Ninja Ford - Nuh Join Church
    B3. Ninja Ford - Reverse
    B4. Ninja Ford - Gal A Watch Yu
    B5. Ninja Ford - Cold Like Ice

    VP Records 1994

    VPRL 1352



    A1. Sizzla - Yourself
    A2. Sizzla - Beautiful Day
    A3. Sizzla - Black Woman
    A4. Sizzla - Revenge <<<<< Massive
    A5. Sizzla - Black Poeple Surffering
    A6. Sizzla - Jah Protect
    B1. Sizzla - Kick Dem Out
    B2. Sizzla - Care <<<<< Massive
    B3. Sizzla - Jah Jah
    B4. Sizzla - Liberate The Poor <<<<< Massive
    B5. Sizzla - Legalize It
    B6. Sizzla - Prison <<<<< Massive


    Spiral Tribe - Forward The Revolution EP

    Les Précurseurs de la techno de vraie teufer

    A1. Spiral Tribe - Forward The Revolution
    A2. Spiral Tribe - World Traveller Adventurer
    B1. Spiral Tribe - Ragga Boom
    B2. Spiral Tribe - Track 13 (Criminal Drug)

    More Info more info

    >>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<



    StrangeJah Cole - Overcome LP Tuff Gong by Sensi - 60.77MB

    Roots Reggae Early Reggae

    A1. StrangeJah Cole - What Kind Of World
    A2. StrangeJah Cole - Jah Jah Revolution Massive
    A3. StrangeJah Cole - Help Wanted Massive
    A4. StrangeJah Cole - Cast Them In The Fire Massive
    A5. StrangeJah Cole - Capture Land Massive
    A6. StrangeJah Cole - What Was In Your Mind Massive

    B1. StrangeJah Cole - Eyes Of A Lion
    B2. StrangeJah Cole - Sam Cafeteira
    B3. StrangeJah Cole - My Love Is My Life
    B4. StrangeJah Cole - Love Is Amazing
    B5. StrangeJah Cole - My Soldier Prayer


    Ringo - Pancoot

    Rub A Dub !!! Big Dj

    A1. Ringo - Hotel Hotel Hotel
    A2. Ringo - Pancoot
    A3. Ringo - Health And Strength
    A4. Ringo - Sandra
    A5. Ringo - Sensimelia

    B1. Ringo - Reggae Music
    B2. Ringo - Channel Posse
    B3. Ringo - Back Off
    B4. Ringo - Working Class



    Max Edwards - Rockers Arena

    Roots Reggae Funk

    A1. Max Edwards - Sia
    A2. Max Edwards - Zion Country
    A3. Max Edwards - Night Games
    A4. Max Edwards - Weekend Music

    B1. Max Edwards - Rockers Arena
    B2. Max Edwards - Straight Bluff
    B3. Max Edwards - Stile Alive
    B4. Max Edwards - Alone Sometimes
    B5. Max Edwards - The Fine Line


    A Light Of Saba Production

    The Sound Of Sabebe Soothes In These Trouble Times

    Massive Reggae Roots Funk

    A1. Sabebe - Sabebe
    A2. Sabebe - Music In My Brain
    A3. Sabebe - Caliweed
    A4. Sabebe - Legba Praise (Bonus Tracks)

    B1. Sabebe - Rastaman Kibero
    B2. Sabebe - Thy Kingdome Come
    B3. Sabebe - Solitude
    B4. Sabebe - Africa



    Alton Ellis

    The Legendary

    All Tone

    Years 1967-71

    A1. Alton Ellis - Harder and Harder
    A2. Alton Ellis - Blackman's Pride
    A3. Alton Ellis - Hey World
    A4. Alton Ellis - Going Back To Africa
    A5. Alton Ellis - Mini Skirt
    A6. Alton Ellis - Since I Fell For You
    B1. Alton Ellis - Good Loving
    B2. Alton Ellis - Shake It
    B3. Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday
    B4. Alton Ellis - It's Your Thing
    B5. Alton Ellis - Cry Tough
    B6. Alton Ellis - Dance Crasher



    Ethiopians - Train To Skaville 2LP (1966-69)

    Album style : rock steady, ska, early reggae, group vocal

    A1. The Ethiopians - Free Man
    A2. The Ethiopians - Owe Me No Pay Me
    A3. The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
    A4. The Ethiopians - I Need You
    A5. The Ethiopians - The Whip
    A6. The Ethiopians - Cool It Amigo
    A7. The Ethiopians - Stay Loose Mama
    B1. The Ethiopians - The World Goes Ska
    B2. The Ethiopians - Come On Now
    B3. The Ethiopians - Give Me Your Love
    B4. The Ethiopians - You Got The Dough
    B5. The Ethiopians - Engine 54
    B6. The Ethiopians - Train To Glory
    B7. The Ethiopians - Fire A Muss Muss Tail
    C1. The Ethiopians - Reggae Hit The Town
    C2. The Ethiopians - I'm Not A King
    C3. The Ethiopians - Not Me
    C4. The Ethiopians - Everything Crash
    C5. The Ethiopians - Hong Kong Flu
    C6. The Ethiopians - Feel The Spirit
    C7. The Ethiopians - What A Fire
    C8. The Ethiopians - Gun Man (Aka You)
    D1. The Ethiopians - Everyday Talking
    D2. The Ethiopians - Woman Capture Man
    D3. The Ethiopians - One (Heart, One Love)
    D4. The Ethiopians - Well Red
    D5. The Ethiopians - My Testimony
    D6. The Ethiopians - Buss Your Mouth (Aka Contention)
    Je croi bien que sa déjà était posté par Vinvin mais en CD avecplus de music .



    Horace Andy - The Big Bad Man (Rockers Forever) LP 1986

    Label: Rockers Forever


    Released: 1986

    A1. Horace Andy - The Big Bad Man (Written-By, Producer - Henricka Richards)
    A2. Horace Andy - Skylarking
    A3. Horace Andy - Money, Money
    A4. Horace Andy - Cuss, Cuss
    *** A5. Horace Andy - Strange Things ***
    *** B1. Horace Andy - My Baby Don't Go ***
    B2. Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell
    B3. Horace Andy - Get In The Groove
    *** B4. Horace Andy - It Glitters ***
    B5. Horace Andy - Declarations Of Rights



    Jimmy Cliff - In Concert The Best Of (1976) LP

    A1. Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want 3.56
    A2. Jimmy Cliff - Viet Nam 2.50
    A3. Jimmy Cliff & Earl Walker - Fountain Of Life 4.03
    A4. Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers To Cross 6.57
    A5. Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful World, Beautiful People 5.47

    B1. Jimmy Cliff - Under The Sun, Moon And Stars 5.01
    B2. Jimmy Cliff - Wild World (Cat Stevens) 4.01
    B3. Jimmy Cliff & Guilly Bright - Sitting In Limbo 3.42
    B4. Jimmy Cliff - Struggling Man 3.44
    B5. Jimmy Cliff - The Harder Thay Come 6.20



    Bob Marley - Crying For Freedom (Time Wind) 3LP

    1.A1. Bob Marley - Mr Brown (L.Perry) Bronjo Music
    1.A2. Bob Marley - Rebel's Hop (L.Perry) Bronjo Music
    1.A3. Bob Marley - Duppy Concqueror (L.Perry) Bronjo Music
    1.A4. Bob Marley - 400 Years (B.Marley) Cayman Music
    1.A5. Bob Marley - Soul Almighty (L. Perry) Bronjo Music

    1.B1. Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself (B.Marley) Cayman Music
    1.B2. Bob Marley - Small Axe (Lee Perry) Bronjo Music
    1.B3. Bob Marley - Trench Town Rock (B.Marley) Cayman Music
    1.B4. Bob Marley - All In One (L.Perry) Bronjo Music
    1.B5. Bob Marley - Keep On Moving (B.Marley) Cayman Music

    2.A1. Bob Marley - Soul Shakedown Party (B.Marley)
    2.A2. Bob Marley - Stop The Train (P.McIntosh)
    2.A3. Bob Marley - Caution (B.Marley)
    2.A4. Bob Marley - Soul Captives (B.Marley)
    2.A5. Bob Marley - Go Tell It On The Mountain (Traditional)

    2.B1. Bob Marley - Can't You See (P.McIntosh)
    2.B2. Bob Marley - Soon Come (P.McIntosh)
    2.B3. Bob Marley - Cheer Up (B.Marley)
    2.B4. Bob Marley - Back Out (B.Marley)
    2.B5. Bob Marley - Do It Twice (B.Marley)

    3.A1. Bob Marley - Keep On Moving (L.Perry)
    3.A2. Bob Marley - Don't Rock My Boat (L.Perry)
    3.A3. Bob Marley - Put It On (B.Marley)
    3.A4. Bob Marley - Fussing + Fighting (L.Perry)
    3.A5. Bob Marley - Duppy Conqueror (L.Perry)
    3.A6. Bob Marley - Memphis (L.Perry)

    3.B1. Bob Marley - Riding High (L.Perry)
    3.B2. Bob Marley - kaya (L.Perry)
    3.B3. Bob Marley - African Herbsman (R.Havens)
    3.B4. Bob Marley - Stand Alone (L.Perry)
    3.B5. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining (L.Perry)
    3.B6. Bob Marley - Brain Washing (L.Perry)



    Little John - Worries And Trouble (Black Scorpio ) LP 1985

    Black Scorpio LP #BLSCLP 004 1985
    Record date : 1985

    Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

    Playlist :
    A1. Little John - Worries & Trouble
    A2. Little John - Toney Wonder
    A3. Little John - Be Intelligent
    A4. Little John - Poco Jump
    B1. Little John - Kongal
    B2. Little John - Any Day
    B3. Little John - Loving The Morning
    B4. Little John - See Pon Me
    B5. Little John - Make Up My Mind



    VA. Conscious Rasta - Clean Heart & Love - Part 3 (2005 Penitentiary)

    A1. Sizzla - Smoke Di Herb
    A2. Jah Mason - Take Me Were
    A3. Capelton - Judgement
    A4. Richie Spice - Just The Other Day
    A5. Luton Fire - Wipe Those Tears (Lutan Fyah)
    A6. Alpha Browen - No Hold Down Brother

    B1. Dennis Brown - Redemption
    B2. Anthony B - Not A Easy Road
    B3. Terbalance - Stop (Turbulence)
    B4. Luciano - Red Hot
    B5. Natty King - Government
    B6. Junior Kelly - Please

    Sensi Addict Rip 320 kbps



    VA. Fat Eyes - DanceHall Dee-Lite (2003 HeartBeat)

    A1. Beres Hammond & Flougran - I Love Jah
    A2. LMS - Love Remains The Shame
    A3. Sizzla - Living Colors
    A4. Luciano - Roll Away
    A5. Half Pint - Children Of His Majesty
    A6. Capelton - Hidden Secrets

    B1. Morgan Heritage - I Will Not Wait
    B2. Micheal Rose - Rough Life
    B3. Andrew Coombs - Offspring Of The King
    B4. Buju Banton - Want U Gal
    B5. Elephant Man - Look
    B6. Junior Reid - Wise Up

    Sensi Addict Rip 256 kbps



    Kickin' Production Vol.1 - Various Artists (1999) 2 Riddims

    VP Records

    A1. Anthony B - Cant A Prayer
    A2. Spanner Banner - Loving Pauper
    A3. George Nooks - Give A Little
    A4. Sanchez - Oh Honey
    A5. Richie Stephens - Since I Fell For You
    A6. Frankie Paul - Call Me

    B1. George Nooks - This Ones For You
    B2. Skatta - Don't Want To Lose Your Love
    B3. Tony Curtis - I'm Coming Home
    B4. Skatta - Nice And Slow
    B5. Yami Bolo - Disarm The World
    B6. Ghost - Imortality

    Sensi Addict Rip 224 kb/s


    Massive B Presents - Culture Jugglin Vol.1 (2005)

    3 Riddims dont le magniphique Truth & Right (Johny Osbourne - Truth & Right *original*) / (Neg marons - Le Bilan) Jackie & Benj

    A1. Richie Spice - Youth Are So Cold
    A2. Chuck Fenda - All About Weed
    A3. Sizzla - Give Jah Thanks
    A4. Chezedek - Dem A Fight We
    A5. J. Osbourne & Burro - Truth And Rights
    A6. Khari Kill I - Picture Of Sellasie I

    B1. Sizzla - Jah Never Fail
    B2. Bounty Killer - Highest Grade
    B3. Morgan Heritage - Reggae Music
    B4. Anthony B - Burnout Da War
    B5. Burro Banton - Jah Jah Rule



    Higher Ground Sound - Soldiers Of Jah (Riddim 2002)

    Massive Riddim !

    A1. Anthony B - Make Me A Criminal Cool
    A2. Muscle Emanuel - African Bump
    A3. Cushna - In Love
    A4. Luntan Fyah - City Pay Wink
    A5. Lion Cub - Bloody Rome
    B1. Luciano - Problem In Our Mind
    B2. Zander P - Rastafari Live Within
    B3. Steve Machette - The Right Way
    B4. Leopard - Don't Left Your Powers
    B5. Hiyah Rems - Just Drop A Bomb



    Nicodemus - Fatha Demus (2004 Massive B)

    PRODUCED BY: Bobby Konders
    RECORDED AT: Massive B, HC & F, Anchor
    ENGINEERED BY: Bobby Konders, Phillip Smart, Nastee, Dr. Marshall, Lance D

    BACKED BY: Sir Raf, Val Douglass, Nasty= A Team, Joe Moskowitz, Mad Man Myrie

    01. Suzy Wong
    02. Keepin Dance
    03. Aliens
    04. Plain Land
    05. Riden Town
    06. Respect
    07. Girls Pet
    08. Wicked
    09. 2000 Clash War
    10. Sound Man Connection



    nicodemus - mr. fabulous 1986

    Record date : 1986

    Album style : digital, DJ

    A1. Mr. Fabulous
    A2. Computer, Knife And Fork
    A3. Keeping A Dance
    A4. Ugly Gal
    B1. Pt 109
    B2. Ease Freeze
    B3. Strawberry Fields
    B4. Fantastic

    Producer : Whitfield Witty Henry

    Recording Engineer : Phillip Smart & Sylvan Morris
    Mixing Engineer : Oswald Palmer & Whitfield Witty Henry & Sylvan Morris

    Sensi Addict Rip 224 Kbps 44100Htzs MP3