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POLitics of the Punk

Discussion dans 'Compilations' créé par ffc, 25 Septembre 2009.

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    10 Septembre 2008


      Hébergeur externe. Signalez-nous les liens brisés en postant un commentaire.

    Vol 1:

    Ex Pistols - Land of hope and glory
    Mekons - Fight the cuts
    Redskins - Unionize
    Billy Bragg - It says here
    Penetration - Don't dictate
    Poison Girls - Old tart
    The 3 Johns - Death of the European
    New Model Army - Spirit of the Falklands
    Joolz - Paved with gold
    Morgans - Atishoo
    Dead Kennedys - Chemical warfare
    Angelic Upstarts - The murder of Liddle Towers
    Patrik Fitzgerald - Irrelevant battles
    Newtown Neurotics - No respect
    Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect device (live)
    Chelsea - Right to work
    Chaos U.K. - Selfish few
    Chaotic Disorder - Fuck religion, fuck politics, fuck the lot of you
    The Exploited - Hitler's in the charts again
    999 - Bye bye England

    Vol 2:

    Sex Pistols - Submission
    Spizz - Soldier soldier
    Notsensibles - (I'm in love with) Margaret Thatcher
    Menace - GLC
    Red London - CND
    MC5 - Kick out the Jams
    Violators - Government stinks
    Sham 69 - If the kids are united
    Damned - Machine gun fury
    Tom Robinson - Glad to be gay '94
    Billy Bragg - Between the wars
    U.K. Subs - Facist regime
    Anti-Nowhere League - Streets of London
    Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster (live)
    Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity
    Poison Girls - Persons unknown
    3 Johns - Fruit flies
    Newtown Neurotics - Living with unemployment
    Anti Pasti - No government
    Captain Sensible - Smash it up

    Vol 3:

    Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
    The Exploited - Class War
    Varukers - Protest and Survive
    Threats - Politicans and Ministers
    Riot Squad - Fuck the Tories
    Adicts - How Sad
    Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
    The Fall - Rowche Rumble
    Ruts - Babylons Burning
    Iggy and the Stooges - I Got Nothing
    Au Pairs - America
    Chron Gen - Fiasco
    The Boys - Cop Cars
    The Stranglers - Peasant in Big Shitty
    Cortinas - Fascist Dictator
    Redskins- Red's Strike the Blues
    Theatre of Hate- Do you Believe...
    Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud
    New Model Army - Vengeance
    Ruts - In a Rut :guitar:
    je "seed" ce week end 26 ou 27septembre 24/24...
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    15 Décembre 2008
    Re : POLitics of the Punk

    Merci pour ce partage, mais il n'est pas dans la bonne rubrique!!

    Il aurait plus sa place dans compilation que dans zic francophone.