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Discussion dans 'Forum Quebec Underground' créé par [email protected]_qc, 30 Mars 2016.


    [email protected]_qc




    30 Mars 2016
    Hey All.

    Wow. Was using some music app that kinda sorta indirectly led me to this site.

    I am from Ontario... I know I know...Don't hold it against me hahaha. In truth? I spent many, MANY days and nights in your wonderful province... Partying, going to shows in Montreal, Quebec City, mostly in my teens and early 20's... Gotta say being down there amongst you folks in those days... And those were some of the best days of my life ... Even now.

    I am 33, turning 34 this year...Still trying to figure out what the fuck.... And I gotta say stumbling across this this page was a real trip.

    Glad to see that people are still carrying the torch.