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NH3 - Rise Up - 2013 (Italie) - Alternative / Ska/core / Punk

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    28 Mars 2014


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    01. La Nostra Voce
    02. Soltanto L’inizio
    03. Against Racism Feat. Enrico (Los Fastidios) & Il Duca (Redska)
    04. Rude Love Feat. De Veggent (Redska)
    05. Vento Resistente Feat. Dema (Talco)
    06. Fuck Modern Football
    07. Solo Per I Pompieri
    08. Per Un Futuro Diverso Feat. De Veggent (Redska)
    09. Rimango Qui
    10. Coerenza
    11. Malcom X
    12. Semza Ritegno
    13. Police On My Back
    14. United.We.Stand


    The story of NH3s starts in August 2002 in the district Villa San Martino in Pesaro. The friendship that bonds the historic nucleus of the band dates back to many years before and the passion for the music helps the guys to harmonize what will become the definitive and current formation. Bleachers and sports arena, the love for the roots of their working-class district, the ideals of “united we stand” and of anti-racism/anti-fascism shape the nature of the band from the beginning. After a few years of shakedown and arrangement, the band takes its first steps with the name AMMONIAKA towards the creation of the firsts songs with a punk sound. Initially, with the arrival of the woodwind section, the band strongly turns into a still green and easy-going ska/core, and than leaves room for aggressive rhythms and active lyrics. A continuous evolution and growth on the stage and on the road, playing through Italy, ensures that, after a few years cutting their teeth in bigger or smaller stages, in 2009 the first album of the band comes out: “30 AGOSTO 2002”. An album produced by NH3 & ONE STEP RECORDS. 2011 marks a change in the story of the band from Pesaro that, after a spring spent in recording studio, comes up in a totally renovated version.
    The friendship follows their artistic, spiritual and human growth and the guys discover their more combat and militant side. Difficult lives and fragile moments give to the Combo from Pesaro that extra oomph to react and to settle that enthusiasm and determination that characterize every live.
    We arrive to the essence of the things and from “AMMONIAKA” the band evolves in “NH3”. With a clear reference to the chemical formula of ammonia, the band, with a reinforced sound that is more aggressive and with lyrics with a great impact, aim at the essence of the ska/core music, that makes you jump and have fun and at the same time makes you reflect and act. With “EROI SENZA VOLTO” the band comes up important stages and they start to get close to the Italian and foreign anti-fascist settings. The tour goes on with a fair approval and for the first time NH3s can overstep the Italian frontiers with their first European tour (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic). The enthusiasm and the grit increase, and so does the desire to shout for your ideals. With the experience, humility, and the influence of the places that NH3s frequented, all matured in those two years, it arises the right mix that will allow the band to write the third album. So it is born, in July 2013, “RISE UP”, a strongly colored album, with a combat and militant sonority, an aggressive and strong sound influenced by ska 2tone, reggae and hardcore.

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