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down for the core part7 - hardcore compilation 2008

Discussion dans 'Compilations' créé par profiler54, 12 Juillet 2009.

  1. profiler54

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    5 Décembre 2008


      Hébergeur externe. Signalez-nous les liens brisés en postant un commentaire.

    1.25 ta life-loyal to the grave (with madball/lord ezec)
    2.this ends now-lasting reflections
    4.kincaid-cathartic suicide
    5.faction zero-the burning
    6.subculture squad-dos master search of-straight edge (minor threat cover, with rick ta life)
    8.embraced by hatred-the path
    9.jetsex-we got the spirit (25 ta life cover)
    10.7 sinz-wwm
    11.showdown-dance of death
    12.death before dishonor-seven
    13.wisdom in chains-liar
    14.the high and the mighty/antidote-just another head in the crowd
    15.punishement-i despise
    16.straight to the face-youth of today
    17.losers sometimes win-riot night
    18.severed-the merchant
    19.distorted truth-bleed out
    20.last hope-gfy
    21.fading sky-replacing time machine
    22.shitkicker-up to you
    23.face threat-feel the burn
    24.not without bloodshed-nwb anthem full strenght-spirit not fame
    26.shorter than fast-star de demai
    27.we animals-W.H.I.S.K.E.Y.
    28.enigmatic pride-hypocrite called out
    29.busted for crack-a kick in the nuts
    30.comin correct-survival of the streets (cro-mags cover, with lord ezec AKA danny diablo)

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