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DIY band looking for show in/around Lyon on Feb 19

Discussion dans 'Discussions - musique, scène punk et skinhead' créé par Tanzpalast, 22 Décembre 2018.

  1. Tanzpalast

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    22 Décembre 2018
    Bremen, Germany Germany
    (Sorry for writing in English, we do not speak french)
    We are Tanzpalast Eden, a band from Bremen, germany. In February we will go on our first tour heading south. Almost all dates are filled, but we still need a show on Tuesday, February 19th. As you can see on Concerts – Tanzpalast Eden we'd need something in and around St.Etienne/ Lyon / Grenoble.
    If you can help, please be in touch, our email address is alle(at) Any support is highly appreciated!

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