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Discussion dans 'Présentations des nouveaux membres' créé par sergiono85, 28 Février 2020.

  1. sergiono85

    sergiono85 Nouveau membre




    28 Février 2020
    Pays de la Loire, France France
    Je souhaiterais me désabonner de votre qui ne correspond pas à mon style de musique, je m'excuse de cette erreur et le titre qui parle de lui même aurait dû me le signaler.
    En vous remerciant
  2. aint ashamed

    aint ashamed Membre du forum

    [QUOTE = "sergiono85, post: 280131, member: 48636"] Hello,
    I would like to unsubscribe from your which does not correspond to my style of music, I apologize for this error and the title which speaks for itself should have pointed out this to me.
    Thanking you
    Sergiono85 [/ QUOTE]

    Hi Friend. I would like to appeal to you to consider giving our global community a bit
    more of a chance. So much more than music, like all the various forum discussions,
    for one. If you do hang in there, you'll soon realize we are all about brotherhood,
    (gender inclusive), and the cause of humanity. More important today than ever,
    example: I'm from the states, and we have the fucking devil for president!
    Getting back to the music, if you give that a chance, and really look, you'll find
    plenty of different styles, and sub-genres. Most all with relevant message and social
    commentary. Check out AOS3 - Gods Secret Agent. That might be a good place to
    start. Okay Friend, I wish you all the best regardless of what you decide. aint ashamed