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Conflict - Statements Of Intent 1988-1994 | Compilation 2021

Discussion dans 'Compilations' créé par Lablatte, 20 Août 2021.

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    21 Novembre 2013


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    Disc One: The Final Conflict:

    01. Countdown To Confrontation
    02. Let The Battle Commence
    03. I Heard A Rumour
    04. The Cord Is Cut
    05. Barricades And Broken Dreams
    06. Do You Get The Picture
    07. The A Team
    08. These Things Take Time
    09. Radio Trash
    10. The Final Conflict

    Disc Two: Against All Odds:

    01. Against All Odds
    02. Slaughter Of Innocence
    03. Assured Mutual Destruction
    04. The Greatest Show On Earth
    05. A Message To Who
    06. A State Of Mind
    07. The Final Conflict (Remix) | Bonus Track

    Disc Three: Conclusion:

    01. To Live On In Hearts
    02. The Right To Reply
    03. Someday Soon
    04. No More Excuses
    05. A Declaration Of Independence
    06. The Institute Of Dreams
    07. Climbing The Stairs
    08. A Question Of Priorities
    09. Is Never To Die
    10. These Colours Don’t Run | Bonus Track

    Disc Four: In The Venue:

    01. To Live On In Hearts
    02. The Right To Reply
    03. Someday Soon
    04. A Declaration Of Independence
    05. The Ungovernable Farce
    06. A Piss In The Ocean
    07. Exploitation
    08. The Institute Of Dreams
    09. The A Team
    10. The Cord Is Cut
    11. Barricades And Broken Dreams
    12. Increase The Pressure
    13. From Protest To Resistance
    14. Repatriation
    15. These Things Take Time
    16. Climbing The Stairs
    17. Tough Shit Mickey
    18. Let The Battle Commence
    19. This Is The A.L.F.
    20. The Serenade Is Dead
    21. A Message To Who?
    22. Mighty And Superior
    23. To Whom It May Concern
    24. The Final Conflict

    Disc Five: It’s Time To See Who’s Who Now:

    01. Berkshire Cunt
    02. No Island Of Dreams
    03. Conflict
    04. Great What?
    05. The Guilt And The Glory
    06. One Nation Under A Bomb / Blind Attack
    07. Vietnam Serenade / Blood Morons
    08. Exploitation
    09. Meat Means Murder
    10. Whichever Way You Want It


    CD-3 Pas encore dispo
    CD-4 Pas encore dispo
    CD-5 Pas encore dispo


    5 CD companion to the “Statements Of Intent 1982-87” box set just issued by Mortarhate.

    Disc 1 is the “The Final Conflict” album which reached No.13 in the UK Independent Chart when first released in 1988.

    The second disc is the acclaimed “Against All Odds” release which now comes with the addition of the remixed ‘Final Conflict’ single.

    Disc 3 is 1993’s “Conclusion” album which now features the single ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ as a bonus.

    The fourth disc is the In Concert “In The Venue” live album from 1994 which caught the band playing to a home crowd in South East London

    The final disc brings the box sets full circle as it is the “Time To See Who’s Who Now” collection which saw the band re-record many of the tracks from their very first album and which was produced by Flux Of Pink Indians Derek Birkett.

    Dernière édition: 21 Août 2021
    aint ashamed, HNORD et celadrel aiment ça.
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    merci pour tout celà.
    Lablatte apprécie ceci.
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    WOW! You still find a way to out-do yourself! Thank You My Friend!
    aint ashamed

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